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Large industrial electrical installation and commissioning
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Industrial installation and commissioning in warehouse

The Science Museum Group recently began a huge undertaking to house 300,000 objects in a newly-built warehouse. Tongs was pleased to carry out large-scale industrial installation and commissioning at the former RAF Wroughton site. The building footprint is an enormous 90m x 300m and comprises a storage hall, research spaces, laboratories and photo studios.

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During the tender period for the electrical installation package, it was obvious that Tongs Electrical Services (TES) new the granular detail of the actual installation requirements on site. This gave the Lorne Stewart Project Team that they were a good selection to be a partner of choice for Lorne Stewart’s requirements on the SMG Project.

Kai and Sacha’s enthusiastic engagement at that time was also consistent throughout the SMG project after they were awarded the contract. They always had a proactive and flexible approach to address and identify the challenges, which can transpire on a construction site, as well as promote solutions. The meticulous approach of the TES workforce was reflected in the quality of their work on site, which was commented on by LSE’s Directors as well as the Project’s Professional Team. I look forward to being able to work with TES again, in the not too distant future

George Fletcher, Senior Project Manager
Lorne Stewart

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